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Your time is valuable ... time spent searching for more information about a product
or service is simplified with cpecnLink

cpecnLink is a quicklink / keyword system that links from print directly to additional on-line information.

Look for cpecnLink throughout the printed magazine. Link codes or keywords can be entered from our website.
No searching or distractions ... get the extra information you require in seconds.

Add Link Capability To Your Site ... And Brand It Anything You Like

Create direct links from your product brochures, display ads or catalogues. Your clients
and prospects will appreciate speedy access to information they require.

You can also use links from product manuals, link directly to on-line video instructions,
accessory options, warranty instructions or firmware updates. With print to internet links
it's easy to update on-line information ... could also allow you to substantially reduce the
size of manuals, saving you money and valuable resources.

Enhance Customer Service With Direct Links

Example, someone calls customer service looking for information on a specific product or
service ... simply send them to YOUR website and provide the shortlink or keyword
to enter ... also allows you to track number of hits originated from offline content.

It's Not Always About Work!

For the latest sport scores, enter the cpecnLink NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB or PGA
Or, for a simplified explanation on the "String Theory" the cpecnLink is Ted5

For information on offline content to Internet linking contact ntait@cpecn.com 


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