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Since 1972, each issue of Canadian Process Equipment & Control News (CPE&CN) has offered hundreds of product and engineering solutions for Canada’s 16 process markets. Most of the process markets are involved in batch processing raw materials from the resource sectors. Our readers run the huge plants that represent the backbone of the Canadian economy and their job functions fall into one of three categories:
  • Operations Management
  • Plant Engineering
  • Consulting Engineers

Our readers are constantly trying to improve efficiencies and reduce downtime while maintaining personal and environmental safety. They have enormous responsibilities and are very active in the magazine: telling us what they need to know and the stories they’d like to read. In response, CPE&CN shows them how to apply leading technology to everyday problems.

Moreover, CPE&CN often conducts magazine surveys with the aid of leading research firm Mendon and Associates to stay in touch with our readership and what our readers are looking for in our magazine. The high response rate is a clear indication of the strong following CPE&CN has amassed across many industries.

CPE&CN listens to its readers and satisfies their need for up-to-date industry news, innovation, and application solutions. With CPE&CN, you can operate the most efficient and safest plant in Canada.

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