Application Story: Finding the sweet spot for particles in pure maple syrup

By Louise Brogan, Yokogawa Fluid Image Technologies   

Features analysis FlowCam fluids maple sap water particles Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies

Directly from the tree, maple sap water is chock full of particles! The particle concentration (Particles/mL) decreases significantly after the first filtering step and increases slightly after the sap water is boiled.

Many filter–boil cycles occur between the first boil and when the final pure maple syrup product is ready, but in the end, the particle concentration is greatly reduced from the starting material.

Louise Brogan is a PhD biochemist and application scientist at the Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies FloCam Analytical Lab. Read her complete blog here 

Above: Jacklyn Nadeau, a maple syrup hobbyist from northern Maine.

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