Case Study: Tackling the cybersecurity journey one stage at a time

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Motor Oil confronts the complexities of strict regulations in the oil and gas industry, securing multiple sites and maintaining a seamless production with Honeywell’s Cybersecurity Consulting Services.

Operational technology (OT) cybersecurity was not always a part of conversations around production environments. The main concern was always the efficiency of the production output.

The risks of OT cybersecurity were unknown for many years. However, that all changed for the chief information security officer, Christos Syngelakis at Motor Oil, as the need for knowing what is connected, where it’s connected and how it’s connected became imperative.

Honeywell’s distributed control system (DCS) provided Motor Oil with optimal control of the complex and large applications the company has distributed throughout its enterprise.

And even more recently, the need for people to have access to data for many purposes internally grew. This resulted in an incredible need for Motor Oil to secure its DCS network. To Syngelakis, the engineers that build such a sophisticated computerized control system would be the most ideal partners to embark on the OT cybersecurity journey with.

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