Controlling temperature in the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines

Mike Edwards   

Features Ametek sensors

Pharmaceutical companies worldwide are diligently working overtime producing accepted COVID-19 vaccines. While this work continues, other companies are already in the process distributing the vaccine.

Perhaps the most significant challenge exists in temperature control, as some COVID-19 vaccine candidates will require ultra-low temperature (ULT), typically ranging from -86 to -45°C.

For COVID-19 vaccines requiring ULTs, maintaining these freezing temperatures throughout the process, from manufacturing to delivery to patients, is necessary. Failure at any point to do so can result in wasted vaccines, which are so desperately needed.

To maintain the quality of the vaccine, temperature sensors will monitor and, in some cases, record the temperature inside the storage and shipping containers. They will prove that the vaccine remained at ULT temperatures at all times, and therefore are at maximum efficacy.

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