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Mike Edwards   

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As 2017 recedes behind us, let’s take a look at some of the trends for 2018 and beyond. There is a digital transformation that is taking place throughout Enterprise and Mid-Market companies. At the core of this transformation is the need to capture and process data that arrives from a variety of sources, customers, things (sensors), IT systems and ecosystems.

Intelligent Edge – In 2019, 50% of durable goods will be remotely configurable. One year later, virtual and augmented reality will be mainstream. The workloads are currently cloud based but increasingly cloud will no longer support the demands of these applications.

Edge will supplement cloud, driven by three key factors.

• Connected things – Producing massive amounts of data, locally relevant and requiring real time reaction.

• Speed of light – Time sensitive data loses value with the distance traveled.

• Hyperinteraction – the interface between things and people such as self-driving cars.
Digital Experience internally and externally will define a company’s success.Business operations will be increasingly dependent on the interoperability of lots of things and processes.

Customer satisfaction will be determined by interoperability through multiple connection points on multiple devices. After a 2-second delay, customers start looking for other websites….

Corporate reputation is at stake from various ecosystems, interoperability within and across value chains. Suppliers and partners need to be seamlessly integrated.

IT Departments have new and different missions. IT is no longer a cost centre it is becoming a revenue enabler. The number and variety of departments needing access to and analysis of data is growing. Needs include predictive analysis, customer analytics and other big data applications.

These trends are already having an impact on decisions being made by Rittal Systems customers. The impacts will be different for each organization but in all cases, IT is no longer a back office operation. It is being pushed and pulled in many directions, by customers, new users, regional requirements, compliance and regulatory changes. Understanding their challenges and opportunities will provide us with opportunities in 2018 and beyond.

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