How to produce high-quality plant proteins with optimum functionality

By By Rodrigo Villas, Pall Corporation   

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Plant-based proteins can come from many different sources or other methods such as chickpeas.

In the past, consumers accepted a bland taste and a long list of ingredients in their plant-based products. Today their expectations are much higher; many desire “better for you” products with functional properties and better flavour, putting pressure on manufacturers to not only build the protein base but to format and flavour it as well.

Rodrigo Villas

The production process must minimize potential denaturation effects and prevent contamination to both preserve natural functional properties and meet consumers’ expectations.

Read the rest of this blog article by Rodrigo Villas at Pall Corporation to learn:

  • How manufacturers currently produce plant-based proteins
  • What you can do to improve your current process to ensure higher-quality products
  • What solutions are available to support your plant-based protein production

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