Pharma/biotech sanitary clamp best practices

Mike Edwards   

Features L.J. Star sterile video

For pharmaceutical and biotech sanitary-clamp companies, maintaining aseptic process control is an ever-increasing challenge. If sterility is compromised it can lead to cross-contamination, product recalls, short term loss of product, long term drug shortages, lawsuits and adverse health effects.

Sanitary clamps are crucial to keeping processing systems sterile while allowing maintenance personnel to disconnect and reconnect piping quickly and securely. However, as simple as that sounds, making secure and sanitary process system connections consistently requires maintenance personnel to have the right clamps, the right tools, and the right training. A connection that isn’t properly secured can call the hygienic integrity of the whole processing system into question.

Watch video below from L.J. Star for quick tips on following industry best practices for aseptic clamp connections, installation and maintenance, and follow the links to more tutorials and resources:


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