Russia’s war in Ukraine: 3 disruptions within motors and drives

Mike Edwards   

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The most direct impact stems from the disruption of aluminium and copper supply chains.

The war that Russia has waged in Ukraine has rocked global commodity markets. While oil & gas supply disruption and the resulting increase in price continue to dominate headlines, there are a number of other key materials exported by Russia and Ukraine which have been equally disrupted.

The disruption of many of these materials will have both direct and indirect impacts on costs associated with producing a motor or drive.

After the extremely turbulent price levels experienced around the world in 2021, further supply disruption off the back of conflict was the last thing the global economy needed.

Unpacking the impact this will have on the most crucial areas of the motor & drive supply chain can help suppliers prepare their businesses for what is to come and manage the expectations of their customers as the situation continues to unfold.

Aluminium and copper wire supply will be directly disrupted

The impact on the supply of key materials is two-fold. First, the economic sanctions placed on Russia will impact its ability to sell various products to its historically largest customers.

Second, the physical devastation experienced in Ukraine will impact its ability to produce and ship its key exports.

As it pertains the production of motor and drives, the most direct impact stems from the disruption of aluminium and copper supply chains.

This article is from a blog post by Blake Griffin, senior analyst at Interact Analysis. To continue reading, please click here.

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