Tech tips: 10 ways to keep your dust collector operating safely

Mike Edwards   

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A safety monitoring filter is a required component in a recirculating dust collection system that recycles air downstream of the collector.

Though a dust collector is a vital component in the safety of almost every manufacturing plant, it is usually a reluctant purchase. Few plant professionals get excited about buying a dust collection system; and as a result, they will often select the lowest-cost equipment available for the job.

Sadly, the cheapest solution can prove to be the most costly in terms of worker safety, production downtime, regulatory compliance and other problems that plague companies when dust collectors do not perform properly.

While the most basic function of a dust collector is to keep workers and workplaces safer, not all collectors are created equal from a safety standpoint. Here are some tips for ensuring that your dust collector is as safe as possible.

Consider following all these guidelines if you are selecting new equipment – but even if you are only looking to improve an existing system, many of these tips will still prove useful.

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