White Paper: How calibration service companies can keep ahead of the competition

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An automated solution enables repeatability and predictability, the process used and time needed for a calibration is always the same, even with different technicians.

How can you best manage calibration costs while still ensuring quality? To stay competitive, service companies that perform calibrations for process industry customers must pull off this balancing act.

Beamex’s automated calibration solution, which combines multifunction calibrators with its LOGiCAL software to create a digital and automated paperless flow of data, can help.

Manage costs and ensure profitability

For service companies in competitive markets, managing costs is key. Beamex’s automated calibration solution combines hardware and software to cut the number of steps needed to perform a calibration while removing manual data entry from the process. Its calibrators automatically store all data acquired in the field in a digital format. This data is then sent to its LOGiCAL software, which is a cloud-based solution that requires no installation or maintenance and is accessible via a web browser. With the software, users pay a low subscription fee to gain access for unlimited users and devices. Then, users only need to pay for the calibrations they perform, making the software both a flexible and cost-effective solution, the company says.

Because Beamex’s automated solution enables repeatability and predictability, the process used and time needed for a calibration is always the same, even with different technicians. This allows contract managers to create more accurate quotations, which helps to ensure profitability. Using multifunctional calibrators also means that technicians need to carry less equipment in the field and lowers equipment life-cycle costs. With an automated process, technicians can get more done in less time. All of this helps to solve one of the key pain points of service companies: executing calibrations within the time set out in the contract.

Ensure quality and transparency

Automated calibration also helps with calibration quality, which is critical for process industry companies to ensure safety and compliance. Beamex’s automated calibration solutions are built to comply with all relevant regulations and eliminate human error by automating and streamlining processes and workflows. There is no need for manual data entry, either in the field when performing calibrations or back at the office, as all data is digitally recorded and sent to the LOGiCAL software. The company’s modern multifunction calibrators also guide users with step-by-step instructions, meaning that minimal training is needed to carry out high-quality calibrations.

With digital calibration certificates, it’s easy to share calibration results with the customer in real time, increasing the transparency of the contracted work’s progress and results. Since all certificates are in a digital format and easily searchable, it’s also quick and easy to locate records for auditor requests. With access to digital data, service companies can set and follow key performance indicators to improve the efficiency of their processes. They can also use this data to provide analytics to their end customers based on the calibration data, helping to create a competitive advantage by expanding their service offering.

Find out more about Beamex’s automated calibration solution in its downloadable white paper

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