Preventive maintenance: Why is pump monitoring so important?

Mike Edwards   

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The Wilden SafeGuard Remote Performance Monitoring and Alert System.

Unexpected pump failures can be devastating for an operation, and could result in much larger issues, including the high cost of downtime, repairs, lost product and product cleanup.

This makes monitoring and anticipating potential AODD failure conditions a critical consideration for facility operators.

The Wilden SafeGuard, available from John Brooks, is the industry’s first AODD Internet of Things (IoT) enabled remote performance monitoring and alert solution. It is a true game-changer in optimizing AODD pump performance, reliability, cost of operation and maintenance.

SafeGuard is an all-inclusive monitoring system that tracks, records and alerts customers to key AODD pump performance indicators at all times of operation via continuous Cloud connectivity as a way to address and prevent operational shortcomings that can result in costly pump failures.

Watch Wilden SafeGuard video demonstration:


Read more about how the Wilden Safeguard remote performance monitoring and alert system can address these issues and your operations.

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