Chem Show celebrates 104 years this October

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The 2019 Chem Show returns to New York City’s Jacob Javits Center this October, marking the 104th anniversary of the show’s existence.
Debuting in 1915, the show focuses on previewing the latest equipment and product technology related to the processing of fluids, powders and gases through its free seminar program and nearly 300 exhibiting companies.
Industry attendees rely on the show’s unique connection to the entire CPI to provide networking opportunities through like-minded professionals as well as cross-market opportunities for growth in both their respected industries and new market potential.
Attendees for the October 22-24 show can register for free by visiting the Chem Show website.
“When the Chem Show debuted over 100 years ago the CPI was much smaller in practice and in the way the processing of chemicals was approached,” says Mark Stevens, Chem Show management. “Today, the CPI is a shared market experience where process engineers and industry professionals have the unique opportunity to learn from one another and from the technologies employed to process varying types of materials. There are many specialized shows out there that are beneficial to their respective industries, but the Chem Show offers the best place to bring the entire CPI together under one roof to explore best practices across the full industry and its applications. The CPI is always evolving and introducing new markets — the innovation we see on the floor is astounding.”

Cross Market Experience Cultivates Industry-Wide Growth

The Chem Show attracts professionals from across the CPI as they scout solutions to optimize current process practices. Many come to the show simply to explore, while others arrive with a particular issue in mind and visit targeted booths as they compare available options. In either case, attendees find exhibitors that are prepared to cultivate long-term relationships through the initial education of new products, processes and applications to implementation.
Perhaps one of the most valuable opportunities at the Chem Show is the chance to see what others in the industry are doing across multiple markets and applications.
“The Chem Show is a great place for all engineers to see how much various industries have in common,” says Mary Lynch, senior engineer at Con Edison and the 2019 Chair of NY Metro AIChE. “It can be an eye-opener to learn a challenge that you thought was unique to one industry or process is found in other industries too. And it is fun to hear how other companies are addressing the challenge.”
The Show is also a place to discover new markets that aren’t necessarily targeted by a company’s business development team, as well as explore and test potential leads.
“The Chem Show is the ideal place for us to explore new applications and new markets where we can offer solutions using our multi-functional products,” says Tom Ryan, senior manager at Thermonics Corp. “Our process chillers work for a variety of applications within the CPI so for us to be in front of so many industry audiences under one roof is a huge opportunity to explore growth and expansion into new markets.”
Ryan goes on to mention Thermonics’ role in servicing the increasing extraction market, an industry that represents a high growth opportunity for chemical processing professionals.
“This is uncharted territory in many ways where we are just learning the needs and requirements for the various extraction methods. It’s not really known where the market will lead, but we do know it is a market that is developing fast. Manufacturers need to be paying attention to opportunities like the Chem Show in order to play a role in early market opportunities like this.”
Thermonics’ low temp extraction chillers have attracted attention from boutique and larger scale companies looking to service the growing industry.

Experience New Technologies, Products and Best Practice Techniques

The Chem Show packs hundreds of exhibitors displaying the latest products, technologies, services and best practices available on the market today into one exhibition.
The show is the most comprehensive presentation for plant managers to stay well-informed on up-to-the-minute plant operations and optimization methods that improve processes and help inform major purchasing decisions. Attendees can also meet one-on-one with product experts to demo the product right on the Show floor. This is an optimal time to interact directly with design engineers and product specialists who designed or built the equipment and together find ways to customize solutions that meet specific needs.
“I’ve attended the Chem Show many times over the years. As with most engineers, visual experiences go a long way with understanding products and applications,” says Hugh Jackson, a principal process engineer with King Industries. “The Chem Show gives me the opportunity to meet directly with vendors and interact with their equipment hands-on. I come back to the Show to stay updated on what’s new and available and to reconnect with peers, both technically and socially. The Chem Show is a great cross-section of industry — attracting predominately users and direct buyers of equipment.”

Take Away Valuable and Practical Information for Immediate Application

The Chem Show also offers an extensive free seminar program in which product experts present practical solutions that can be applied to process applications right away, as well as the discovery of new practices that optimize existing methods.
Seminar presenters will also discuss real-world challenges faced by chemical engineers and plant managers every day and offer solutions to overcome costly interruptions. Each seminar is one-to-two hours and focuses on one of many process applications and the potential effects on production line performance and overall plant efficiency.
Attendees can expect to learn best practices and other information that can be applied to plant operations.
Seminars are hosted by participating exhibitors and offer another opportunity to capitalize on face-to-face networking and personal professional growth. The Chem Show seminar program was released in early June.
For more information, including a complete list of exhibitors and to register, visit chemshow.com.

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