CO2 GRO receives large sales order from major Canadian vegetable greenhouse grower

Mike Edwards   

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CO2 GRO Inc., a provider of CO2 delivery systems for the global protected agricultural sector, has announced a meaningful sales order.

CO2 GRO is an ag tech company focused on delivering its patented CO2 Delivery Solutions to the global protected agricultural sector. Its patented technology helps growers increase crop yields and profits by enhancing plant growth, resilience, quality, and water-use efficiency through aqueous CO2 misting.

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In response to many growers’ cost of borrowing doubling, CO2 GRO now provides a multi-year pay-for-use contract option that will help more greenhouse owners access its technology. The contract option is similar to a recurring revenue utility model.

This financial alternative is expected to establish long-term partnerships with growers and stimulate sales, resulting in an initial approximately $500,000 pay-for-use contract with a major Canadian vegetable greenhouse grower.

The company believes the contract options will support access to more of the 700 billion square feet of agricultural facilities globally; and culminate in closing more sales that are already in its pipeline of active inquiries, commercial feasibilities, and potential sales.

Top: CO2 Delivery Solutions dissolves and saturates CO2 in water.

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