EarthRenew chosen for fertilizer R&D international consortium project proposal

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EarthRenew of Toronto has been selected to submit an international consortium project proposal by the governments of Canada and the United Kingdom (UK). The two governments are working together to foster and support collaborative industrial research and development (R&D) projects with a seemingly high potential for commercialization.

The Canada-UK collaborative industrial R&D program is focused on supporting improved productivity and sustainability in the agricultural industry. EarthRenew submitted its expression of interest in March 2020 and was recently selected to complete an international consortium project proposal. One of the key goals of our proposal is centred on co-developing products and processes that have seemingly significant commercialization potential in both countries.

EarthRenew Strathcona facility

In January of this year, EarthRenew began formally working with UK’s CCm Technologies Ltd. (CCm) and testing CCm’s carbon capture utilization technology with EarthRenew’s heat-treated manure as a base. Initial bench testing indicated that EarthRenew could generate a 7.0-1.7-2.2 NPK ratio fertilizer product. The higher nitrogen content of the upgraded 7-1.7-2.2 NPK organic fertilizer product has the potential to deliver up to 4 times higher value for farmers. EarthRenew believes implementing CCm’s technology into its production process could lead to the development of a wide range of specialist formulations in the future.

Both companies are said to be excited about this collaboration because they each believe that it could significantly advance their respective commercialization schedules. The project proposal is due at the end of June 2020. If EarthRenew’s proposal is selected by the panel, EarthRenew would be eligible for up to a 50 percent reimbursement of the project’s costs.

Keith Driver

“This is the next clear step in building our partnership with CCm,” said EarthRenew’s CEO, Keith Driver. He continued, “this funding initiative is very much aligned with the goals of both EarthRenew and CCm. It is great to see that governments can be as collaborative as companies when trying to advance agricultural innovation.”

CCm’s CEO, Pawel Kisielewski, commented, “We believe our technology can significantly increase the value of EarthRenew’s product and, as a result of this initiative, we will be able to support them in developing a highly innovative organic fertilizer product.

“With so many users moving away from conventional fertilizer, there is a need for companies to take the lead and develop higher quality organic fertilizer products that can support our growing global food demand. CCm is proud to be at the forefront of “climate positive” innovation and collaborate in the development of solutions to this challenge.”


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