NGIF industry grants support Canada’s first 100% hydrogen heating appliance

Mike Edwards   

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Natural Gas Innovation Fund Industry Grants, a division of NGIF Capital Corporation, is supporting the development of the first made-in-Canada 100 per cent hydrogen-fueled home heating appliance. NGIF Industry Grants is providing $269,709 in funding to advance Gradient Thermal’s H2 syncFURNACE.

Gradient Thermal Inc., a Calgary-based developer of home heating solutions, is bringing energy transition into Canadian homes through the development of a combined furnace and water heater fueled by hydrogen. Gradient already serves homeowners with a suite of heating appliances, including a combi-furnace, and this innovation converts those leading efficiency products to be zero-emission, fuelled by 100 per cent hydrogen.

Gradient’s H2 syncFURNACE (pictured above) is set to target building sector emissions. Gradient’s cleantech solution are said poised to reduce those emissions drastically; ultimately, the company’s goal with its technology is zero GHG heating systems for homeowners and small industrial sites.

Currently, the project is completing its first phase of building and testing prototype systems. Future phases of work will follow Gradient’s proven design process of prototype installations, customer feedback and product improvement iterations. The project aims to deliver a manufacture-ready, certification-ready home heating appliance powered entirely by hydrogen in North America.

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