PFAS impurities destroyed at U.S. site using E2metrix electrotechnology

Mike Edwards   

News destruction E2metrix ECOTHOR-AOP electro-oxidation PFAS water treatment

E2metrix of Sherbrooke, QC, a Canadian innovator for clean and green water treatment, has announced a successful delivery and start-up of its first U.S.-based commercial-scale ECOTHOR-AOP unit (shown above) for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) destruction in water.

The results are also said to show impressive PFAS destruction performance at a drinking water plant in the U.S. Southeast.

Mo Laaroussi, founder and CEO of E2metrix, said: “Current strategies for protecting our waterways from these forever chemicals involve expensive separation techniques — adsorption via granular activated carbon or ion exchange resins, concentration using reverse osmosis, or flotation via foam fractionation.

“But none of these approaches destroy the PFAS. Our patented ECOTHOR-AOP electro-oxidation technology, already commercialized for other contaminants, enables low-cost, onsite destruction of PFAS, eliminating what would otherwise be a forever problem.

“Stay tuned this fall for results on this, along with news on other projects, case studies and sales channels.”

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