Posital launches WebShop for online sensors and encoder purchases

Mike Edwards   

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Posital has launched its new WebShop for buyers of encoders, inclinometers, linear position sensors and related accessories. This service complements the company’s Product Finder portal enabling customers to explore Posital’s broad range of product options and to purchase products online.

For more than 15 years, Posital’s ‘mass customization’ production processes have been at the core of the company’s business model, offering customers a wide selection of product configurations.

With this system, customers specify the product features they need using the menu system in Posital’s online Product Finder tool. This includes a wide range of performance characteristics, mechanical properties, and communications interface options.

The system selects products that meet these requirements and provides the user with product codes, data sheets, manuals and certificates, and 2- or 3-D CAD drawings in major file formats. A 3-D drawing viewer is available to help engineers visualize how a device will fit onto their projects. Once an order has been placed, the system initiates the assembly of the required product(s) at Posital’s digital factory.

The enhanced Product Finder portal has several other features to support customers. EncoderMatch is a highly effective tool aimed at the MRO or spare parts business that simplifies the task of finding compatible replacements for defective incremental encoders.

By identifying the manufacturer and model number of the original device (information that is usually available on the nameplate) maintenance staff or technical buyers can quickly find a suitable replacement from Posital’s product portfolio — regardless of the original device’s manufacturer. No special expertise or technical knowledge required, the company says.

Once a suitable replacement has been identified, the portal will provide detailed data sheets, CAD drawings and other supporting information. The combination of EncoderMatch and WebShop streamlines the process of sourcing and ordering hard-to-find devices.

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