Valmet launches Valmet DNAe

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Valmet is taking process automation further by introducing the next-generation distributed control system (DCS), the Valmet DNAe.

The fully web-based process control system comes with a new cybersecure system architecture, control software and hardware, engineering and analytics tools, helping customers improve efficiency, productivity, sustainability and safety of their operations.

“The new Valmet DNAe represents a major milestone in process automation. It provides a solid platform for moving towards more digitalized, autonomous operations, helping our customers thrive in the changing business environment. In the development of this new system, we have focused on usability and performance, with a modular approach that enables upgrade paths also from our previous system generations,” says Emilia Torttila-Miettinen, president, Automation Systems business line at Valmet.

The launch is a major step in the company’s roadmap for growing its automation business further and in bringing unrivalled future-proof automation solutions to a wide base of process industries globally. With this new system, the company will have an excellent opportunity to continue expanding the footprint of its automation systems business worldwide.

Designed to support the work of all process automation user groups

Valmet DNAe is developed with a design philosophy to empower people to perform and collaborate better across the organization. The system provides a common user interface for controls, analytics, configuration, and maintenance. Intuitive workflows simplify operations and enable users to manage larger process areas with less effort. Advanced analytics tools enable turning real-time and historical data into actionable insights.Additionally, the new web-based configuration environment provides a unified environment for all engineering needs from office to field, enhancing flexibility in configuration and maintenance tasks. These features are designed to increase the operational efficiency of our customers.

A high-performing DCS advancing digitalization and autonomous operations

Valmet DNAe has been engineered for demanding process control, emphasizing performance and availability. The system empowers users to seamlessly run industrial applications on-premise, at the edge server, or in the cloud. It features a scalable redundant data platform, granting easy and controlled access to all data. The system architecture is cybersecure by design, with role-based access control, authentication, audit trail and encryption mechanisms for proactive prevention of cyber threats. With smooth OT/IT (Operational technology / Information technology) connectivity through secure communication interfaces with external systems, Valmet DNAe establishes a robust base for advancing digitalization and autonomous operations.

Step-by-step upgrade paths for cost-efficient system evolution

In alignment with Valmet’s lifetime systems compatibility promise, a leading principle in Valmet DNAe’s development has been to make it easy for Valmet’s existing process automation customers to benefit from the latest technology.

The new Valmet DNAe Distributed Control System shares its web-based user interface, analytics tools, and common hardware with the previous generation of Valmet DNA. Additionally, Valmet also introduces a new modular controller and a single-channel I/O as new hardware options for Valmet DNAe.

“The lifecycle approach enables flexible step-by-step upgrade paths for a sustainable and cost-efficient system evolution. We have already delivered over 200 new generation user interface upgrade projects to various industries. The first full Valmet DNAe systems have also been successfully delivered to customers. An important part of Valmet’s strategy is to cover a wide base of global process industries in the automation business, and with this new system, we will have an excellent opportunity to continue expanding the footprint of our DCS business globally,” says Torttila-Miettinen.

Read more at: https://www.valmet.com/automation/control-systems/dnae

Valmet DNAe will be introduced in various events during spring 2024, starting with Pulp&Beyond in Helsinki, Finland on April 10 to 11.

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