Gas Measurement Handbook wraps up handbook series

Don Horne   

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Now that IPP/T and PROCESSWest are officially a part of CPECN, we close off our e-handbook series with the Gas Measurement Handbook.

Accurate gas measurement is critical in a wide variety of challenging applications including detection systems, emissions, and separation processes.

The Gas Measurement Handbook explores the latest solutions and benefits now available for 2022, with articles like:

Clamp-on Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters
Thanks to the Wide-Beam ultrasonic transit-time measurement principle, the SITRANS FS230 clamp-on ultrasonic gas flowmeter tolerates most wet gas conditions.

Monitoring Combustible and Toxic Gases in Industrial Environments
Clean air is vital for human health and must be stringently monitored in industrial environments where toxic, corrosive, asphyxiant and combustible gas hazards are common.

Controlling Your Natural Gas Burn to Cut fuel Costs and Emissions
Many process and plant engineers will be familiar with some form of the adage, “You can’t control what you don’t measure accurately.” Fortunately, there are many process heating best practices that can be incorporated into industrial plant operations.

Gas Moisture Analyzers: With J22, the Next Generation is Arriving
Oil and water don’t mix, but methane and H2O certainly do, which challenges producers to remove the greatest amount possible of the latter to deliver an acceptable commercial product and maintain safety of their operations.

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