Auto ranging digital gauge reduces instrument inventory

Mike Edwards   

Products SRP control systems

The Winchester Engineering Model 1 Auto Ranging Digital Gauge available from SRP control systems is said to replace the need to use many gauges of different ranges. The digital gauge with absolute vacuum to 3000 psi also functions as an absolute pressure gauge. The auto-ranging technology uses multiple piezoresistive sensors to read the entire range using just one instrument.

A protective rubber housing provides shock proofing while a setback thread protects the port from damage in the event the unit is dropped.

Since the Auto Ranging Digital Gauge has no cold welds, the gauge that can be tightened and loosened without a wrench — and with virtually no risk of gauge breakage, it adds.

The heavy-duty, self-stowing hook frees up operator hands, while the large, easy-to-read, one-line display with backlight is said to be suitable for any light condition.

Units of measurement include psi, kPa, mmHg, inHg, inH20, mmH20, kg/cm², BarsAbsolute, psiAbsolute, mBarAbsolute, mmHgAbsolute, Bar, and mBar.

The 1.6 lb. gauge offers a ¼-in. NPT Male process connection and temperature compensation of 0° to 50°C.

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