BinMaster NCR-86: One radar, one software fits all.

By BinMaster   

Products BinMaster NCR-86

BinMaster’s NCR-86 radar is designed to meet companies’ needs for bulk material inventory management. The company states that it can be paired with BinCloud software to measure every solid or liquid commodity on every vessel and site with just one login.

BinMaster’s new NCR-86 configures to any level measurement application. Measure any solid, powder, or liquid. Get 1-mm accuracy in material of any bulk density or specific gravity. Data updates in seconds despite dust, foam, steam, or condensation.

It offers simple Bluetooth setup using a BinDisc or the BinMaster Sensor App optionally connected to your phone or PC. Wireless and solar gateways, long-range transceivers, and HART consolidator modules help reduce system costs and complexity.

Once installed, BinMaster connects your NCR-86 radar level sensor to the BinCloud inventory management system. This allows users to log in and view inventory, receive alerts, and generate reports for any commodity, at any site, during any defined time.

The NCR-86 is the one sensor for all your vessels, materials, and environmental conditions. It is available with plastic, aluminum, or stainless-steel housings and a variety of seal material options. The NCR-86 is rugged, durable, and certified to a variety of hazardous approval standards.

The NCR-86 has encapsulated electronics that defy external conditions and ensure it is dependable and safe to operate in extreme environments. It withstands high temperatures up to 842°F and pressures up to 25 bar.

Advanced technology combats cyber-attacks following the highest IT security standards set by the process industry. The NCR-86 is designed to standard IEC 61511 to ensure its operation is functionally safe in any process industry.


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