Boston Gear launches second-generation SS700 Series stainless steel worm gear speed reducers

By Brett Zelle, marketing manager, Regal Rexnord   

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Boston Gear has introduced the next generation of its market-leading 700 Series Worm Gear Speed Reducer. The SS700 Gen2 stainless steel speed reducer is an evolution of its first-generation series that has served the food and beverage industry for over 10 years.

The NSF-certified SS700 Gen2 is designed with innovative new features sourced directly from customers’ feedback on the widely popular first-generation series. An improved Domed Crown curved design eliminates virtually all pooling of liquids during washdowns. Its 316-grade stainless steel construction offers enhanced benefits in durability and hygiene over painted, coated and aluminum alloy speed reducers for food and beverage applications. The SS700 Gen2 has an IP69K-rated stainless steel enclosure, compliant with IEC 60529 and capable of withstanding washdown nozzle pressures up to 1450 psi at four inches without water ingress.

New field-installable, FSMA and OSHA-compliant shaft covers protect against potential food traps while eliminating safety risks associated with rotating elements. An optional tapered bushing eliminates the need for troublesome keys and keyways on the output shaft, removing opportunities for food traps, pathogen formation and sharp edge safety hazards, while mitigating customer shaft damage costs from galling damage that can occur over time.

SS700 Gen2 Series speed reducers offer high energy efficiency along with the lowest operating temperatures available. The series features larger output shaft bore sizes that enable the selection of smaller speed reducers, especially in low-torque or low-duty applications, providing the opportunity to downsize product selection (offering savings in weight, envelope size and cost) and standardize conveyors throughout customers’ facilities.

The new SS700 Gen2 Series is backward compatible with the 700 Stainless Steel series, and new-generation counterparts can act as drop-in replacements for first-generation models. The new series is manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, and available with standard lead times of two days or less, as well as our industry-recognized Reducer Express™ Same Day service for urgent requirements.

For more information about the new Boston Gear SS700 Gen2 Series, visit: https://www.bostongear.com/ss700gen2.

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