Bypass level indicators are used for continuous measurement of liquids

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Products Kobold liquids monitoring

Kobold bypass level indicators are used for continuous measurement, display, and monitoring of liquid levels. The bypass tube is attached to the side wall of the tank and operates according to the laws of hydrostatic pressure. A float, with embedded circular magnets, is located in the bypass tube and follows the liquid level, transferring the level in a non-contacting manner to a display attached to the outside of the bypass tube or to a sensing device.

The following indication and sensing devices are available:

  • magnetic roller indicator, with ball display providing visibility of 180°;
  • transmitter with a chain of resistors or a magnetostrictive transducer that can display a signal on analog or digital indicating devices;
  • a universal indicating unit, series ADI-1, that can be mounted on the bypass tube to display and evaluate the standard signal (4 to 20 mA) generated by the transmitter; and
  • one or more Reed limit contacts for point level sensing or for level control.

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