Centrifuge line with direct drive models saves time and energy

Mike Edwards   

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SPX Flow has added direct drive models to its Seital centrifuge line. Direct drive centrifuges are said to utilize less energy, require less maintenance and take up less space. The centrifuge line is suitable for dairy, beverage, brewing and other industries for applications including beers, wines, teas, milk skimming, whey processing, bacteria clarification and oil refining.

In the direct drive centrifuge, the motor shaft also functions as the bowl shaft. This is said to eliminate the need for gears, belts or other intervening mechanisms that might otherwise be needed to transfer the energy from the motor to the separation process.

Watch video demonstration:

Direct drive units are now available for a range of the company’s centrifuges including separators with milk-skimming capacities of 5-10,000 l/h and standardization capacities of 8-14,000 l/h.

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