Chemical-resistant gear pumps use external gears

Mike Edwards   

Products chemical resistant corrosion gear pumps TEF-MAG Vissers Sales

March series TEF-MAG gear pumps available from Vissers Sales are corrosion and chemical resistant, non-metallic, rotating positive displacement pumps, external gear type and magnetically coupled.

The TEF-MAG gear pumps are said to generate low volumetric flows with middle to high discharge pressures and approximately no pulsation.

The pump housing of the TEF-MAG 25, for example, is made of PPS. The internal hydraulic parts like gears and shafts are also made of highly corrosion-resistant non-metallic materials.

The containment can is made of deep drawn titanium sheet metal.

The power transmission of drive and pump happens in a contactless way with plastic bonded ferrite permanent magnets, so the pump can work without any mechanical shaft seals.

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