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At Compounding World Expo 2019, Orion Engineered Carbons showcased AROSPERSE 5-183A BEADS for wire and cable applications.  In addition, Orion is highlighting its newest conductive Specialty Carbon Black XPB 633 BEADS and its high-performance, low-compound-moisture-absorption PRINTEX zeta A BEADS for pressure pipe.
AROSPERSE 5-183A BEADS are soft-beaded Furnace Blacks for use in semi-conductive insulation shields for medium-voltage cables.
“AROSPERSE 5-183A BEADS are very clean, with excellent dispersion properties, low sulfur impurities and low sieve residues – a high-purity product,” said Joey LeBlanc, marketing manager, polymers, Americas.  “They are also an excellent choice for potable water pipe, where their high purity, cleanliness and excellent dispersion extend service life.”
Plus, LeBlanc said, they are ideal for use in electronics packaging which requires clean, smooth conductive surfaces.
Universal Conductivity, Low Concentration
Specialty Carbon Black XPB 633 BEADS are specifically designed for compounds  requiring conductivity and anti-static properties. The universally conductive carbon blacks excel in almost all conductive plastic compounds and applications.  They are suitable in co-polymers, nylon, polyolefin, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride and other significant polymer types.
“XPB 633 BEADS provide better conductivity at lower concentration than most conductive blacks,” said LeBlanc. “In addition, they have excellent dispersion quality, compound melt flow rates and mechanical strength.”
XPB 633 BEADS are ideally suited for plastic auto body parts that require conductivity to ensure trouble-free coating. They are appropriate for such injection-molded parts as fuel cannisters, boxes, and electronics housings and trays, and for extruded conductive pipes, profiles and packaging films.
Purity, Cleanliness, Dispersibility
PRINTEX zeta A BEADS are designed especially for use in PE 100 and PE 4710 pipe for gas and water distribution. The high chemical purity, a very low sulfur level, and physical cleanliness of PRINTEX zeta A BEADS minimize taste and odor effects. Low compound moisture absorption and excellent microscopic dispersion performance ensure a smooth, defect-free pipe. In addition, PRINTEX zeta A BEADS provide superb UV protection for long-term stability.
Compounding World Expo takes place today and tomorrow, May 8 and 9, in Cleveland, Ohio. Orion is at Booth A221.

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