Compact thermal flow switch for water-based liquids

Mike Edwards   

Products compact KAL-D Kobold sensor setpoint thermal flow switch

The KAL-D compact thermal flow switch from Kobold combines the features of the company’s KAL-K thermal flow switch with a compact size.

The thermal flow switch uses the calorimetric principle to monitor the flow rate of non-viscous, water-based liquids. The sensor tip is internally heated to a few degrees above the liquid temperature and cools as the liquid flows across it.

The amount of cooling is proportional to liquid velocity. The liquid velocity is compared to the setpoint, which is field-adjustable by the user, and a transistor switch is activated when the flow setpoint is reached.

The metal KAL-D has a smooth measuring probe with no moving parts, the company says, making it reliable and insensitive to dirt and solids.

The insertion-type probe allows for flow monitoring with minimal system pressure loss.

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