Continuously flexing multi-conductor control cables

Mike Edwards   

Products AutomationDirect

AutomationDirect has announced igus Chainflex CF9 and CF10 series multi-conductor control cables for continuous flexing applications. Available in sizes from 20 to 14 AWG, with three to seven unshielded (CF9 series) or four and five shielded (CF10 series) conductors, a green-yellow insulated ground conductor is included in the conductor count of each cable.

Individual conductors of the Chainflex series are bare copper and stranded for flexing applications. Individual conductors are marked with white numbers for identification.

The cable’s outer jacket is a low-adhesion pressure extruded slate gray TPE mixture that provides resistance to sunlight, oil penetration, and is flame-retardant.

The cables have a tear strip underneath the outer jacket (unshielded) or underneath the inner jacket (shielded).

The jacket can be opened like a zipper to the desired length by pulling on the special tear strip and the outer jacket/inner jacket removed from conductors.

The tear strip is said to save time and effort for electricians and assemblers and reduces the requirement for additional stripping tools.

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