CSA intrinsically safe rated pressure calibrator

Mike Edwards   

Products Ametek STC Cameron Instruments Crystal HPC50 pressure calibrator

Cameron Instruments has announced the intrinsically safe HPC50 series pressure calibrator from Ametek STC – Crystal. The units combine features from the previous 30 series, like ease of use, ruggedness, compactness, and reliability with improvements such as a larger display, more measurement options, temperature measure, and external modules.

Similar to the earlier series, the new units from Cameron Instruments are also CSA intrinsically safe rated for the North American market. It is also fully temperature compensated for pressure, temperature, and electrical measurements.

The connection ports on the side support new intrinsically safe pressure (APMi) and temperature (ATMi) modules.

The ports are identical, so users can connect two separate temperature modules, which allows the measurement of both ambient and process temperatures.

Combine these with the standard internal pressure ports, and two pressure and two temperature inputs can be read with the same device.

Or, if there is a need to connect to multiple pressure sources, users can equip the HPC50 series with four pressure ports, using the new pressure modules, and view all four at the same time.

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