Digital sanitary gauges available in 11 pressure ranges

Mike Edwards   

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The digital LC20 diaphragm pressure gauge introduced by Ralston Instruments is suitable for pressure measuring and monitoring near homogenizers, separators, and heat exchangers that require hygienic instrumentation.

The digital diaphragm pressure gauge can tolerate vibrations, pulsations, wide temperature and humidity changes, the company says, as well as processes that require hot caustic cleaning solutions and acid rinses.

With an IP67 rating, a smooth diaphragm surface, and hygienic tri-clamp connections that allow the gauge to be steamed or cleaned in place, the gauge maintains ±0.1% full scale accuracy.

The diaphragm pressure gauge allows users to perform logging and live viewing of pressure over USB or wireless.

Gauges are available in 11 pressure ranges, 5 to 15,000 psi, a compound vacuum/pressure gauge from ±15 psi, and a digital vacuum gauge measuring up to 30 inHg.

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