Emerson’s new liquid level controller for oil and gas separators

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Products Emerson L2t Liquid Level Controller oil and gas oil and gas separator

The Fisher FIELDVUE L2t Liquid Level Controller pairs with an electrically-actuated control valve to reliably maintain ideal separator levels

Emerson's Fisher FIELDVUE L2t Liquid Level Controller is designed primarily for use in the separators found at most oil and gas well sites.

Emerson has announced the release of its Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ L2t Liquid Level Controller, designed primarily for use in the separators found at most oil and gas well sites. Compared to alternatives using electric on-off valves, the new Fisher controller makes it possible to save significant energy and maintenance costs by minimizing valve movement, and by simplifying the level measurement and control processes.

Level control is critical for achieving the best performance in separators, which remove gas and water from incoming crude oil feeds. Traditional solutions typically use a level gauge and control valve in one control loop, with an oil/water interface level instrument and control valve in a second loop, and with each loop executed by a separate controller. This complex mix of multiple instruments and valves is typically powered by natural gas pressure, often resulting in continuous valve emissions.

The L2t Liquid Level Controller addresses these and other issues by using a displacer to measure level and level interface, while executing a single loop control algorithm to drive an electrically-actuated control valve. The solution is simple and inexpensive to install, and there are no emissions since the valve is actuated by electricity instead of natural gas pressure. It can be specified for new separators, or it can be retrofitted to existing units by installing it in the same opening typically used with traditional level controller solutions.

To learn more, please go visit Emerson.com/fisherl2t.

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