Explosion-proof LED light for critical process observation

Mike Edwards   

Products LJ Star

LJ Star has announced a new design for critical process lighting that is said to offer powerful and reliable LED lighting with a longer service life and higher energy efficiencies than typical halogen bulbs. The new Lumiglas explosion-proof light model USL08LED-EX is the brightest sight glass light available on the market, the company says.

Designed for hazardous environments in the chemical processing, pharmaceuticals and cannabis industries, the new light provides 10X the service life of typical halogen lights, with one-fifth of the energy consumption. The LEDs can be precisely tuned to correct colour temperatures, eliminating the distorting yellow glow of halogen lights that can affect vessel inspection. The lights are now available with up to 2,200 lumens at a colour temperature of 6200K.

Suitable for combination light/sight port or separate light- and sight-port vessel applications, the LED lights are also applicable for specific area lighting, including sight flow indicators, instruments, control panels, valve manifolds and walkways. The 20 W units are available with various lens angles to optimize illumination.

Lumiglas LED lights are UL 844 listed for Class I, Division 1 & 2, Groups C & D, and Division 2 Groups A & B applications. LED lights are approved for wet conditions, UL 1571 and carry IP65 rating for dust and waterjet tight protection, along with a Temperature Class of T6 at 50˚C ambient. The units can be attached to circular sight glass fitting weld-on styles Series DIN28120 or ANSI flange bolt-on type types.

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