Fire and gas monitoring system for plant safety has FM approval

Mike Edwards   

Products fire gas HazardWatch FX-12 monitoring system MSA Safety

The HazardWatch FX-12 Fire & Gas System from MSA Safety is said to provide reliable plant safety monitoring.

Designed for use in hazardous industries, the HazardWatch system is suitable for oil/gas production and tanker loading/unloading, petrochemical refining and storage, pipelines and gas compressor stations, LNG facilities, CNG and hydrogen (H2) production and vehicle terminals, electric power generation, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Factory Mutual (FM) tested to verify NFPA 72 (2013) compliance, system features include:

  • a stand-alone local fire and gas alarm panel with touch screen operator interface;
  • a redundant power supply to support the fire and gas system per NFPA 72;
  • integration with third party auxiliary devices such as horns, beacons, and fire suppression systems; and
  • FM-approved EtherNet/IP system communications to DCS or ESD Systems, with optional Modbus.

The monitoring system can accommodate up to 12 field devices per alarm panel, with the capability to network up to 12 panels.

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