Glass tube variable area flowmeters for process industries

Mike Edwards   

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Brooks Instrument has added the GT1600 series of glass tube variable area flowmeters to its line of products. Suitable for a wide variety of industries from chemical manufacturing to pharmaceutical production to water treatment and distribution, the flowmeters can used for low- and high-flow gas and liquid applications where viewing the process is important.

The Brooks Instrument flowmeters feature 316 stainless steel construction and a polycarbonate shield, to ensure safety and longevity for both indoor and outdoor use.

Watch video demonstration:

For ease of use, the adjustable, transparent scale improves readability and allows for offset correction to compensate for process variation.

In addition, the process connection can be rotated 360 degrees so users can view from all directions. An alarm option is also available for automatic monitoring of critical flow conditions.

Configured for simple installation, the series is available with a variety of connections to fit existing piping arrangements or mount to a panel or wall.

The units are also fashioned for easy maintenance. For in-situ cleaning, the glass tube and float can be replaced without removing the flowmeter from the piping, saving time and cost.

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