Heavy duty metallic air operated double diaphragm pump

Mike Edwards   

Products AODD pump York Fluid Controls

The S30 Sandpiper heavy duty metallic air operated double diaphragm pump available from York Fluid Controls is suitable for mines and construction site applications. The pumps are said to provide on-off-on reliability and are easy to move with built in handles and skid mount, roll cage, and strainer bases available.

Specifications of the AODD pump include 3 in. NPT or 3 in. BSP (Tapered) and 3 in. ANSI Flange or 3 in. DIN Flange port sizes, 0 to 235 gpm capacity, an air distribution valve, no-lube, no-stall design, up to .38 in. solids-handling, heads up to 125 psi or 289 ft. of water, displacement/stroke of .94 gal, and maximum operating pressure of 125 psi.

Shipping weights are 116 lb. (aluminum), 215 lb. (cast iron), or 194 lb. (stainless steel).

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