Industrial drying equipment uses microwave technology

Mike Edwards   

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The Marion Process Solutions WaveMix industrial drying system available from Firing Industries combines microwave, vacuum, and mixing technologies for what is said to be a cost-effective, high-precision thermal processing solution.

The WaveMix system is designed for handling sensitive materials and for preserving the colour, nutritional, and chemical value of materials.

The technology has been utilized in a variety of industrial applications across a wide range of industries, processing materials such as carbon black, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, chlorine powder, dried foods and pharmaceuticals, food-grade gelatin, ceramic proppants, and green coffee beans.

The quicker, more efficient drying technology eliminates case hardening and material loss caused by burning, overprocessing or underprocessing, the company says.

Benefits include precise temperature control and management, with immediate adjustments possible during the drying process; sanitary, easy-clean design; and safety — machinery does not heat up to dangerous temperatures, while nitrogen purging eliminates risks of fires or explosions and protects against potential pressure buildup and displaces inert gas.

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