Innovative technology for petfood feeding, conveying and extrusion

Mike Edwards   



The Coperion K-Tron Twin Screw KT20 Feeder with interchangeable feeding tools is mounted on a 24 kg fully enclosed platform scale for high accuracy feeding of difficult flowing petfood ingredients including additives, probiotics and flavours. All feeder parts in contact with the material being fed are stainless steel, and feeding equipment is easy to disassemble.

A horizontal agitator gently moves the bulk material to the large throat and then into the screws.

The feeder can be used for both LIW feeding to continuous processes and LIW batching direct to batch blenders.

Twin screw feeders are suitable for floodable powders and more difficult, sticky or poorly flowing materials, as well as fibres or flakes.

Specialty designs are available for clustering of feeders above extruders, blenders and other processes for optimal accessibility and ease of cleaning.

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