Instruments detect gas leaks in variety of applications

Mike Edwards   


Cameron Instruments has introduced the Variotec 460 Tracergas, developed for leak detection on underground pipes, gas and water distribution networks, pipelines in buildings, and heating systems. Detecting gas leaks by tracer gas involves feeding a mixture of 95% nitrogen (carrier gas) and 5% hydrogen into the system.

The hydrogen escapes through the leak and is detected by the highly sensitive sensor. Tracer gas always looks for the shortest route from the leak to the surface, the company explains.

The low amount of hydrogen means that the gas is incombustible as per ISO 10156, it adds. Measurements can be saved, and the results transmitted using the USB interface to a PC.

In addition, Cameron has announced the Snooper mini from Sewerin, a gas leak detector suitable for checking accessible gas lines for external leak tightness.

Leaks are determined based on detection at connection points, e.g. fittings, flanges, threaded connections and gas regulator fittings

The gas concentration is displayed in the ppm range. House lead-ins and concealed gas lines in enclosed spaces at air outlets can also be checked. Units are available in hydrogen, methane and propane versions.

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