Interstitial leak alarm monitors storage tanks

Mike Edwards   

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The 2852-ILA leak alarm from Arjay Engineering is said to provide reliable monitoring of the interstitial space in double wall tanks.

Leaks from above or underground storage tanks can be costly, dangerous to worker health, and environmentally unsafe, the company says.

Sensors monitor for leaks and spills, while probe variations can extend these applications to meet specific needs. For double walled tanks, above or underground, the interstitial leak alarm is designed to alarm on a dry vs. wet condition within the walls.

This unit will alarm from a leak within the internal tank or from an outside leak into the wall cavity. The 2852-ILA probe monitors the interstitial space near the bottom of the tank and locks in on the capacitance field around the probe tip.

Any liquid that intrudes into this space will increase the capacitive field and initiate an alarm.

The leak source can be from the stored product leaking from the tank or from groundwater leaking through the outer wall.

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