Kit encoders for stepper motors provide position control

Mike Edwards   

Products Fraba Posital

Posital encoders for stepper motors from Fraba are “kit” or modular devices, designed to be integrated into a motor housing, measuring the rotary position directly from the drive shaft.

Kit packages from Fraba are available with the same mounting form factor as popular incremental encoders for NEMA-standard stepper motors, making these encoders convenient drop-in replacements for less advanced incremental encoders, the company says.

The magnetic measurement module is compact (37 mm diameter, 23 mm deep) and highly resistant to dust, moisture and shock/vibration loading, it adds.

Shields are available to protect the measurement module from external magnetic fields. SSI and the more advanced “BiSS C” communication interfaces have been implemented.

Both are open-source interfaces that are compatible with a wide range of PLC’s and computers.

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