KROHNE OPTIWAVE 7500 radar level transmitter

By KROHNE, Inc.   

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Frequency-modulated continuous-wave radar for liquids in narrow tanks with internal obstructions

KROHNE’s OPTIWAVE 7500 radar (FMCW) level transmitter is designed for demanding liquid applications such as narrow tanks with long nozzles or where internal obstructions such as agitators or heating coils are visible. This technology provides an ideal solution for a wide range of level monitoring and measurement applications across a range of industries.

With a small beam angle and negligible dead zone, this 2-wire 80 GHz FMCW radar is the optimal choice for continuous, non-contact level measurement in both extremely small or very high tanks (up to 100m/328 ft.).  Impressively, the level radar signal can even pierce through tank roofs made of non-conductive materials to achieve pristinely accurate measurements. The product can measure various media including liquids, slurries, and pastes, and its measuring range for liquids spans 0-100 m / 0-328 ft.

The OPTIWAVE 7500 is also distinguished by the versatility of its antennas. Flush mounted antennas eliminate intrusion into the tank. Its PEEK and PTFE Lens antennas are insensitive to deposits and well suited for corrosive environments. For further protection from corrosive media, PEEK and PTFE lens antennas feature flange plate protections and PEEK thread protection. An optional 112mm /4.4” antenna extension is available for long nozzles.

The FMCW radar features an empty tank spectrum function that eliminates false reflections caused by tank internals. Reliable measurement in empty tanks is further strengthened by Tank Bottom Management (TBM). With TBM, dedicated algorithms filter or compensate for irregular radar wave reflections that occur at the tank bottom or when the vessel is empty. This allows for quick and easy commissioning no matter what the tank’s size, material, or geometry may be.

This versatile product provides a large, backlit LCD screen with 4-button keypad for operation with a bar magnet, such that there is no need to open the housing cover. On top of this, PACTware, HART DD and DTM are all provided free of charge with full functionality. The product is SIL 2/3 certified for safety-related applications, and has received extensive device diagnostics according to NAMUR NE 107. Lastly, it comes with a 3-year warranty, ensuring that the product performs reliability years after the date of purchase.

For more information, visit https://us.krohne.com/en/products/level-measurement/level-transmitters….

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