Large sensing window makes monitoring 100 amp circuits easy

Don Horne   

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NK Technologies has released the AGT-FD Series, new ground fault sensors that detect faults to earth from 0 mA to 100 mA and produce an output signal of 0–10 VDC in proportion to the amount of current passing to ground. The output is equal to the RMS value of the earth leakage. The AGT’s sensing window is large enough to monitor 100 amp circuits. It can also be used to measure and monitor any low-value AC circuit current by passing just one of the conductors through the sensing window.
The AGT-FD Series is ideal for monitoring earth leakage current for applications including: electric heating processes, AC motor loads, semiconductor wafer fabrication, plastic molding processes, heat trace cable systems, and snow melt protection.
Features include:
• Analog output signal, 0–5 or 0–10 VDC proportional to 0–100 mA
• Externally powered, 24VAC or DC(20-30V)
• Factory calibrated, warrented to stay accurate for minimum of 5 years
• Panel mount or simple snap onto DIN rail

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