LED light offers compact, explosion-proof stainless steel

Mike Edwards   

Products ATEX ESL 53LED EX explosion proof LJ Star sight glasses

LJ Star, a supplier of sight glasses, sight flow indicators and other process observation equipment, has introduced a vessel light option in its LumiStar line – the ESL 53LED EX.

Made from stainless steel, the ATEX explosion-proof light is said to offers bright, energy efficient light for sight glass and process lighting.

The design measures 53 mm in diameter by 165 mm long makes the vessel light a suitable option for many industries, including pharmaceutical and nutraceutical, chemical and food and beverage installations.

The light comes with a hinged bracket or a sanitary flanged adapter and is compatible with round sight glass fittings as well as screw-type sight glass fittings with multiple mounting options.

The LED light provides 400 to 500 lumens with a light colour of 5700K, while drawing 7 W.

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