Low pressure pneumatic pressure/vacuum calibration test pumps

Mike Edwards   

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Ralston Instruments has introduced a suite of pneumatic pressure/vacuum calibration test pumps designed to generate low pressure up to 125 psi or draw a vacuum to -23 inHg for calibrating low pressure or vacuum instrumentation.

Simple direct-acting pump action with fine adjustment piston gives users precise control, the company says, even at very low pressures.

The Ralston Instruments low pressure pump bodies are made from anodized aluminum and are said to easily handle sand, sticks or other contaminants in the field.

Three options available are the DP0V pneumatic pressure pump, DV0V pneumatic vacuum pump, and a DPPV pneumatic pressure/vacuum pump that can switch from pressure to vacuum with the twist of a knob.

Watch pump demonstration video:

An economical choice for measuring differential pressure on pipelines and other industrial process systems, the company adds, units are suitable for performing the low side calibration of pressure transmitters or pressure switches for clean rooms, HVAC and similar applications.

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