Maintenance-free bearings for extreme applications

Mike Edwards   

Products bearings

GGB PyroSlide 1100 bearings are said provide temperature resistance up to 800°C, corrosion and wear resistance with low-friction properties to help lower operational costs and increase system performance.

The self-lubricating bearings from GGB can be used as wastegate valves for industrial and domestic ovens and furnaces, as well as natural gas/petrochemical valves.

Material is a powder metal sintered alloy with an operating temperature range of -50° to 800°C, coefficient of friction (dry) 0.2–0.45 μ, a maximum static load (at 20ºC) of 200 MPa, maximum dynamic load (at 550ºC) of 10 MPa and maximum dynamic load (at 750ºC) of 2 MPa.

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