Manual pressure controller for compressed gases

Mike Edwards   

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The ControlPak manual pressure controller from Ralston Instruments is a compressed gas volume controller that is said to provide precise control over compressed gas sources for smooth and quick calibration testing.

Encased in durable, tactical plastic designed to withstand mud, intense sun, and extreme cold, the Ralston Instruments controller is suitable for pressure calibration and pressure testing in the field.

With fine control of pressure from 0 to 3000 psi, users can perform both ultra-precise low-pressure differential or high-pressure static pressure calibrations with a single setup, the company says.

The unit includes multiple outlet ports to connect a calibrator and a DUT directly without a tee, and soft-seated valves allow the user to pressurize and depressurize incrementally, so there’s no need for a regulated pressure supply.

It also has a built in storage compartment for holding extra hose and adapters. All outlet connections, hoses and adapters are Ralston Quick-test fittings, which create secure, leak-proof connections without the need for tools or thread tape.

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