Meter measures flow of conductive liquids

Mike Edwards   

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The Kobold MIK magmeter measures the flow of conductive liquids in applications where reliability and low-pressure loss of a magmeter are desired at an economical price compared to higher end models.

The electromagnetic flow meter measures flow using the magneto-inductive principle. The flow meter body contains a set of electromagnetic coils that generate the magnetic field.

Electrodes mounted in the flowmeter body collect the current, whose magnitude is proportional to flow rate. The unit is all solid state and has no moving parts to wear, while moderately viscous and dirty liquids are measured with minimal accuracy degradation.

A variety of materials for the flow body, electrodes, and seals are available. A variety of fitting styles and materials are also available, including PVC, PVDF, polypropylene and stainless steel.

A wide variety of electronics packages are also available, including frequency or current outputs, adjustable flow switches and integrated totalizers or batch controllers.

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