METTLER TOLEDO launches new generation of laboratory balances  


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METTLER TOLEDO positions itself at the forefront of laboratory weighing when it comes to simplicity, performance, and robustness.

MX Balance

With the introduction of the new Advanced and Standard Balance portfolio, including MX, MR, MA and LA lines, METTLER TOLEDO positions itself at the forefront of laboratory weighing when it comes to simplicity, performance, and robustness. The new balances provide even greater resilience, measurement performance, and simpler user interface for a smooth, precise, and sustainable weighing experience. Laboratories from large enterprises, medium-sized companies, and startups worldwide will have a more comprehensive and superior selection of balances to ensure accurate weighing.

Customers will benefit from a broad range of balance models that meet the needs of every user, industry, and workplace, from advanced weighing requirements to the most essential weighing needs. The new portfolio is engineered for enhanced user experience, designed with sustainability in mind and built with the highest quality materials for trusted and durable performance.

The MX balances boast weighing performance, effortless data management, and user-friendliness. With innovative engineering these balances provide an ergonomic weighing experience and satisfy advanced weighing requirements. These balances include the SmartPan, StatusLight, ErgoDoors, Illuminated Draft Shield, and a wide range of GxP functionality.

MR balances deliver consistently accurate results even in the harshest weighing environments. Thanks to their robust construction, these balances are the perfect choice whether you weigh in a busy lab or the challenging conditions of a production setting. A range of built-in applications and connectivity options make MR balances highly versatile. The MR balances are perfect for daily usage, exceptional durability, easy cleaning, and seamless integration.

MA balances are designed with a focus on valuable, practical features, these reliable balances deliver quality without compromise. Touch control on a bright LCD screen, simple menus, guided applications, and easy result documentation make weighing a breeze. With a wide portfolio that features balances covering readabilities from 0.01 mg down to 1 g, including large platforms, and even portable and compact models, there’s an MA balance for all your everyday weighing tasks.

LA balances offer simple functionality without compromising on quality. The robust construction and reliable load cell ensure you get accurate weighing results you can trust. These entry-level balances are an affordable, trustworthy solution for your essential weighing tasks. These balances feature a bright LCD display for optimal reading in all conditions. With an RS232 interface, you can connect to a printer, secondary display, or other device.

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