Module introduced that helps reinvent the chemical dosing system

Mike Edwards   

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The Meunier Technologies DICE dosing module available from Visser Sales is said to integrate all the necessary discharge components required for a typical chemical dosing system.

The block type design allows for a rigid, compact, and reliable product, the company says, and the significantly reduced number of connections is a major benefit as it greatly decreases the leakage potential.

The Meunier dosing module is also said to allow for better precision and protection in the dosing system. It also features great quality due to its machined fabrication.

The dosing module overcomes the many fundamental problems of the current piping system design such as: poor quality of the piping connections, many potential leakage points, excessive vibration caused by the pump pulsation (which leads to mechanical fatigue on connections and components) and the unjustified large footprint required.

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